Thursday, 8 August 2013

The sunshine helps

Well we're still having lovely sunny days in London and oh, what a difference it makes to everyone's mood; people are happy to say hello and linger.

I'm getting nice reactions to the blog as well, a lot of people asking if I will thank so and so on their behalf and, except for my mum, I'm trying to avoid this as I really want it to be your voice on the posts and comments, not mine.  But moving on.....

I got home late last night to find one of those annoying red cards from Post Office on the door-mat telling me they had tried to deliver a parcel that's too big for the letter box.  Normally I really hate going to the Cricklewood Royal Mail Sorting Office as it's in the absolute opposite direction to my normal route in to work and a mile's walk on top.  But this morning, with the sun shining down, I didn't mind at all.

When I got there, instead of some pimply youth who won't make eye contact, I met the very nice Sunny, who, before he was in the office, was a postman on my route and he asked about all the old neighbours, remembering both them and their house numbers.

So, Sunny, may I offer you a big thumbs up
for starting my day off with such a nice smiley chat and for making Childs Hill feel even more like a real community.  

Later on when I was on the bus, there was this young man, probably in his twenties.  There wasn't anything "wrong" with him but he obviously doesn't understand normal, recognised social boundaries.

His name was Sam and he was introducing himself to everyone around him, be they white grand-fathers, black middle aged men, young Indian mothers or Malaysian students.  He told us where he lived, he wanted us all to stay in touch and drop in on him, he asked for our mobile numbers.  Not unsurprisingly, not only did no one write down Sam's address but they didn't proffer theirs.

What was sad, was that the young Indian mother, when Sam got off the bus, told me she'd been scared by him. 

Even though I'm doing this blog and trying to see the good where I can, I have to admit to also not wanting to "engage" with him in conversation so I have to give myself, and all the others on the bus, a thumbs down .  Sam on the 46, if you ever read this, I apologise.

To close this post, I'll just remind you all again, this is your pin-board, you can send me yours posts or comments, preferably positive ones and preferably with nice accompanying photographs, and I'll put them up here.  Oh, and one other thing, if you are reading this, tell others.  Let's spread the "nice".

Thanks for reading.

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