Saturday, 3 August 2013

A guest post from Kay Sexton - HE-VAN ENCOMIUM

We were blithely told we'd be able to move house on 1 August. Somehow we knew that was audacious and so it proved. That's today - we have not moved. We do not even have a date on which to move. And it is just a bit hair-tearing-outy (or in fact, in my case, hair-cutting-offy).

There aren't many bright spots to such scenarios - it's a high class problem to have, of course, but it's still a problem. The absolutely non-problematic part of the non-move has been Julian of He-Van. He's been amazing, keeping in touch with us and keeping us in touch with what's happening with his other clients as our date has moved inexorably backwards - so we've always been confident that He-Van will be able to fit us into their schedule and that our needs won't cause some other poor mover to suffer. 

Julian actually rings me to find out what's happening, rather than waiting for me to call him, so I can relax and know that I'm not having to hold all the pieces in my head. And he's so nice to talk too ....

So, a real vote of thanks for the service so far and looking forward to the day when Julian and He-Van actually get to move us! 

Editor's note from Londoner - apologies for not posting on the 1st when Kay submitted her post but Julian, here's a thumbs up  

Kay Sexton can be found at and on twitter @KaySexton

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