Wednesday, 14 August 2013

it's hard to be positive some days

Today was one of those days when one just hates the West End; there were far too many tourists, far too many children and, on top of that, it seemed the world was hell-bent on being rude and hitting me; no less than four times!

I got hit on the arm getting out of the tube, (bruise worthy), I got my heel trod on, I was run into by a child on a scooter and most painful, a man hit me in the breast with the corner of his bag.  Not one of these people even paused to check what they had done never mind dream of apologising.

However, this blog is not about focusing on the negative but to find those bright sparks in our day and today it came from Citibank in Hanover Square.  (picture courtesy of Google). 

I needed some Euros and since I was walking past, popped in.  What an oasis of calm and smiles.  Although I want to give a particular thumbs up to Simone (who didn't want her picture here) I really want to thank all the counter-staff who never fail to be friendly, efficient and helpful.  Thank you.

So just a mini post today, but remember guys, please do post, comment, follow and spread the word.  This is your pin-board.  
Thanks for reading.

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