Friday, 2 August 2013

An interesting lesson

One of the problems I thought I would have with this blog was finding enough positive incidents and people to write about on my own, that's one of the many reasons I so want to encourage others to post and comment here too.

However one of the nice lessons I'm learning is that if you go out of your way to look for the positive in your day you'll be surprised what you find.  

Now I'm not suggesting I've gone all Pollyanna-ish on you; I'm still the cynical glass is half empty person I ever was but all I'm suggesting you try is to think if anyone you meet today/this week deserves a "thumbs up" thank you.  You might be, like me, pleasantly surprised.  

So 10:00 am and I have my first thumbs of of the day: it's to Ian
Ian works for one of those companies that goes 'round putting up for sale and to let signs on white wooden poles.  

I have an allotment and I'm building a fruit cage. Those poles, when they are no good for the signs anymore (tatty, split, broken ends etc) are still perfect for me but no good to the signage people.   I saw Ian this morning putting up a sign and noticed in his flat-bed truck a load of poles.  I asked him I I could have any of the tatty ones and he very kindly gave four with a smile. 

I thanked him and he said it doesn't cost anyone anything and he's just glad someone's walking around being polite rather than "snarling" at everything.  

So, Ian with the sign posts, a big thumbs up   thank you.  

And readers, (if I call you guys, I do not mean it as a male gender term but more as an inclusive everyone term), I really want to think of this place less as a blog from me and more as a central pin-board for all.  

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  1. I would like to give a shout-out to a midwife named Joy who works on the labour ward at St Mary's Paddington. During my recent long labour not only was she very knowledgeable, confident and calming but she would hardly leave the room even to get a cup of tea or go to the loo. She wouldn't take a lunch break and I think would have stayed on after her shift had I not urged her to go home to rest and eat something. When Joy had to go get something for me the anaesthetist confided that if she was in labour she would want Joy looking after her too. Thanks Joy, you made a real difference. X Isabel