Wednesday, 21 August 2013

service with a smile

London is bathed in sunshine and it is definitely making a difference not only to my mood, but others too.  I just hope that this feeling I have had since starting this blog of seeing the good continues once the grey returns.

Staying on seeing the good and the positive, it is most definitely continuing at the moment and I feel like I could almost post daily, which is really weird.  Londoners are meant to be surly and people are supposed to be miserable in their jobs, according to the press, but all I keep seeing is people smiling and giving that extra something.

Today a British Gas Service Engineer came to the house.  We'd made an appointment, managed to narrow it down from a 12:00 to 6:00 slot to a specified two hour slot.  Now, I don't have to tell you that this waiting in for a service engineer, particularly for the utilities, is normally a groan making event; we wait in for hours, they do or don't come, then there might be some sucking in of the breath between the teeth over the issue.  Not today.

I was telephoned by the engineer to let me know that he was on his way and would be with me within 15 minutes.  This was within my two hour prescribed slot.  Already I was in pleasant shock.

Devene arrived, and as you can see from his picture, he arrived with a smile.  He was polite, efficient, knew his stuff, (and some other stuff too), and with a smile was off again.

So, Devene, from us, thank you and you get a thumbs up  .

And while I'm on a little "thank you" jag, I want to say thank you (not in any particular order) to the helpful folk at Myeloma UK, the lovely people in reception at Volvo Cars Central London (Swiss Cottage really), NW3, the helpful people I spoke to for general advice at Get Private NW3, St. John's Wood Medical Practice NW8 for their continuing care and attention to my mother. the really nice and jolly (tall) guy on the till at BP Connect Fuel Garage, Finchley Road, NW3, the nice gentleman at Vistaprint I spoke to on the 19th who is getting married on the 24th (an additional thank you and good luck to him) and to the giggly manager (?) at the Cancer Research Shop in St. John's Wood High Street NW8.  Thank you all and thumbs up -

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