Saturday, 5 October 2013

A guest post from Jody Klaire - DUNGEONS & MANIPULATION

I love writing.  I spend a fair amount of my day lost in a dream world, tapping away as I enjoy doing what I love to do most.  My blog post is about the wonderful man who helps me to do this.

To give you an idea, I have a few health 'challenges' which make moving about (and life in general) a lot like building Rome in twelve hours with matchsticks: - Fiddly, impossible and likely to go up in flames at any second.

So, every week, I attend the Ian Griffiths Osteopathy clinic.  He is incredible at his job, but this post is to give him the big thumbs up for the service with a smile.  

As you can imagine, being treated for things that hurt is not something that most look forward to but Ian and Pat have me laughing, chatting and grinning from ear to ear.  Pat greets you like an old friend, she really cares about your day and how your week has been.  She always asks if the room is warm enough and loves rugby even more than I do!

When Ian comes in, he is completely focused on what's best for you.  His gentle way of treating you and his calmness earn your trust pretty quickly.  He listens to me jabbering on about my latest book ideas and answers my questions such as "If you wanted to cut someone's leg off..." and "What if..."

Yes, I know... but like I said, I love writing.

Pat is used to coming back into the room to Ian and I laughing over shared stories and daft anecdotes.  

So, to Ian and Pat, thank you for making my day so much brighter and fixing me up so that I can write! A big, big thumbs up to you!  

The second thumbs up is too the staff at York Dungeon, (@YorkDungeon).  When I was there in mid-September, I visited the Dungeon and the staff were not only helpful but went out of their way to make sure that I enjoyed myself as much as the others on the tour.  It wasn't always easy to get a wheelchair through the narrow doorways of a grade II listed building but the fact I did shows how much patience the staff had! So, to all in the Dungeon, thumbs up!   

The final thumbs up is to all the writers, agents and publishers who have offered their advice, support and encouragement to me.  It's inspiring to know so many people love books and are happy to share their knowledge.  So thank you! 

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