Thursday, 25 July 2013

Taking shape

So the idea is taking hold and I'm hoping people will want to post their own "promote the positive" experiences. 

This morning I have a nice one in spite of where it is: at the top of our road is a big development being built which we don't like but there is a large smiley Irishman banksman who has to get a mention  'cause he does make the effort to say good morning everyday and gives me a nice smile.  

I'm still too chicken to ask his name or, no way yet, ask to take his photo!   

Also, not today, but in the last two months, Toni McCloskey at has been a terrific help.  I contacted BT through their twitter account @BTCare and she took my case and really followed through with the help and a smile (metaphorical as it was on the 'phone, email and twitter) so, Toni, a .

So, another question for you, the reader and I hope future commentator, shall I keep the layout to this very simple white background, black type or would you like it a little more singing and dancing?  When I get up the nerve to have photos of the nice folk, then the pictures will spruce it up a bit but until then?

If you like the idea of this blog, then it is going to need the word spread, so please do follow it and "share" it.  Thanks.

In the meantime, a little light relief

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