Friday, 26 July 2013

Could be more difficult than I thought

I wake determined to start adding photographs to this blog.

So walking up the street this morning with phone camera in hand, ready to seize the moment I spy the banksman for Affinity Sutton/ sitting on a wall in the sun.  As per usual he asks me how I am and I broach the subject of a picture,  - I try "I have a website of smiley people" - well our big burly, middle-aged Irishman, builder turns into a squealing eight year old little girl with a full blush on and giggling fingers in front of the face. It was so charming but, a refusal.  Hmmm...

Next stop, St. John & St. Elizabeth Hospital, to get a picture of the nice guard there: he's not working today.

All my good intentions to fill this page today with smiling photographs have been stomped on from a great height.  Okay, that might be an exaggeration but I'm not getting very far.  So far.  **STOP PRESS** - see below

So, in the meantime, here is a video I found on YouTube of some Russian people doing exactly what I'm talking about - being nice:

**STOP PRESS** - Well, I went out for a walk at lunch time and Istvan (spelling?) was back at his post as security guard at the Hospital and when I asked him about a picture.... he said yes!!!

So, a big thumbs up   to Istvan at St. John's & St. Elizabeth's Hospital in St. John's Wood for always making that special effort, thank you.  
Istvan also made me think; he asked me about the website and I explained, rather than all the letters in newspapers complaining about things, this was a blog about the people who made a difference to our everyday lives.  He loved the idea and asked for the details.  I think I need to get some cards printed; it'll make asking for the photograph that bit easier and maybe take away some of the suspicion about my using their picture for nefarious purposes. 

Anyway, here you have the first smile, of I hope many, on the site. 
Do get in touch if you want to post any good experiences/nice staff or even want to do a whole guest blog.  You are more than welcome.


  1. Are we allowed to add systems to the list? If the American legal system can consider companies to be individuals, I think we should be allowed to include automated processes.

    In which case, the rude, for me today, was the Odeon online ticket ordering system which was clunky, counterintuitive and charged me 50 pence for the privilege of cursing out loud in an empty room!

  2. I think we can allow a thumbs down here to the the Odeon's online ticket system.