Wednesday, 24 July 2013

an idea for a blog

So my idea is to start a blog bigging up those people we come in to contact that help make our days nicer and, also, to possibly shame those that are rude and discourteous.

The question will be, will I have the nerve to ask the nice guys if I can take their picture and get their name and whether, those rotten ones, if it'll mean anything without their names and pictures?  Time will tell.

To start, I would like to give a shout out to Theo in Vodafone Baker Street who yesterday not only helped me in the way a good sales person should, but was fun and a good laugh.  Thank you.

On the other hand, the driver of the 82 this morning heading towards St. John's Wood from Swiss Cottage at about 09:50 who drove straight past the woman running and waving for him to stop at Queen's Grove, shame on you.

Also a quick mention for the nice security guard at St. John & St. Elizabeth Hospital in Grove End Road who always has a smile and a nice word for folk, thank you.  I'll try to get his name and a picture for a future post.

Ooh, that's an idea, we can have kiddie emoticons for the good and the bad, so, Theo at Vodafone you get a (y) and number 82 driver this morning, you get a (n)

Okay, that's not working, I have to speak to a blogger to find out how to give Theo his "thumbs up" but rather than chicken out of this idea, I'll publish now and work on design and content of this blog as we go along, together.

Okay, another idea, if you come across someone who has been really good in their job or who has made you smile, let me know and let's mention them here.  

Comments, suggestions and guest posts welcome.

P.S. from a fellow nice blogger, some tips on emoticons, let's see if it works.... image   - yay!  so for Theo and the as yet unnamed guard, a
image   each and to the bus driver this morning, image.

And of course to my helpful blogger acquaintance, you know who you are - image (although I might have to source different artwork than you!)

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  1. The idea of commenting on positive service is lovely - I think we should also have suggestions for and votes on suitable karmic outcomes resulting from such negative behaviours.