Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Two big, belated, thumbs up - the north south divide, not.

So I've been tardy, not a surprise to any regular readers of this column, which is a shame as now I've got two BIG posts to do in one go.

The most recent first as it's more time-sensitive - the wonderful folk at the Dock Museum in Barrow-in-Furness.  

I went to see the current - running until 20th January 2020 - West Coast Photography exhibition (beautifully curated by Phil of Signal Film & Media) but met such lovely people and was so impressed with the museum a blog post was a must. 

First, there was Paul, who I asked to explain what I was looking at and told me about the 'graving dock' and the history of the museum but with such enthusiasm, I fell in love with it.

Paul has the nickname (at least that's what John says!) of 'pinup Paul' but is also known as the Museum Assistant. 

Some pictures of the inside of the Museum but first, to the exhibition, I know I don't usually promote anything here, not least as the blog is generally not time-sensitive and this is, but because I really was impressed with what's going on there, and the blog is meant to be about people but.... well it's my blog and I'll post if I want to.

But, instead of my words, at the bottom of the post are a load more photos to tell the story of the exhibition but please read the rest first?

Anyway, after the exhibition, I went back upstairs and then met John, the Manager.  

Now, although John had given me a nickname for Paul, Paul was too shy? gracious? well-mannered? to give me one for John! You had to laugh.

The two of them were both so jolly and obviously, in love with the museum and their work, it was infectious.

Thank you both for the smiles and the laughs.

Leaving Barrow-in-Furness I was on the train to Lancaster and met a lovely woman called Rebecca. She didn't want her photo taken and she's not on the web so she won't ever see this, but her attitude to life was inspiring, so thank you, Rebecca.

Unfortunately, there is a thumbs down on this post and that's to the youth travelling from Glasgow Central to London in carriage B who was apparently going to a tv talent show in London and although spoke with a northern accent, is I suspect Portuguese by origin.   He was rude and unhelpful and, well, you're not going to get very far with that attitude in 'show business'.  You know who you are, so thumbs down. 

But enough of that, on to the second big thank you and thumbs up of this post.

I finally got to see the show Hamilton and although, yes, I did talk about a museum and exhibition above, that was the exception so here, it is going to be all about the people again.

Both my friend and I were so impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of all the staff at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London.  

There was the security guard who searched our bags as we went in, he was fun and smiling, (no name or picture sorry).

All the bar staff, who could not have been more patient and helpful to everyone and some of whom despite the frantic rate of service, kindly stopped for a photo for me: Maeli, Karen, Jonathan, Kirsty and Salome.  



There were more bar staff but they were all so busy and serving people, I couldn't get all their names.  But thank you to them too. 


There were also three ushers in the ladies' loos (including a very helpful young, redhead) but I didn't get a picture of them(!) helping make sure the queue moved efficiently and smoothly.  One would think not a great job but the staff were smiling and laughing in here too. Thumbs up to Victoria Palace as I've never seen this before and it certainly meant the panic for a pee in the interval was in fact very relaxed.

Then, there was the usher, Luke, when asked where someone could leave their glass, he said just give it to me.

My friend and I weren't alone in noticing the excellent level of friendliness in the service, we got talking to a woman at the bar, and she said the same thing.

So, to all the staff, thank you and thumbs up and to the Victoria Palace Theatre and Delfont Mackintosh, well done on however you are training and supporting your staff.

Victoria Theatre
So lots of thumbs up and thanks to lots of people for making our days that little bit better.  Do look at the pictures below but before you go, remember, If you would like to write a post to thank someone or tell us something nice that happened just get in touch and we would love to hear from you and to spread the thanks.  You don't have to know how to do the formatting and stuff, we'll help you with all that.  We just need some nice smiley photos (don't be like me and forget to take them!) and some words. 

Photos from the West Coast and Sankey Collection exhibition

Try and read the signs if you can, they will tell you a lot about the Sankey collection and also the Open Call for next year's exhibition  

Ivor Nicholas photo radioactive milk 15 Oct 1957 
Eve Arnold

(apologies, video without soundtracks)

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