Sunday, 22 September 2019

Lefkas in August

Another Greek post from the Ionian.  Or indeed, to be more specific, another Lefkas post.

This time from Nidri (Nydri / Νυδρί).   

First off I’d like to give a thumbs up to George, originally from Albania, who runs the Saranda Ola Kala taverna with his wife, Elizabeth, and their lovely daughters, Maria and Eleana.

At the time of visiting, it was crazy busy at the height of the season but George understood our dietary requirements, (Keto diet to control diabetes), and could not have been more accommodating or helpful.  

The taverna is decorated with dish towels from around the world, gifts from grateful customers, and while serving fresh, good Greek food, George entertains his customers and people in the street with colloquial phrases, like “cheers mate” said in perfect British accents, randomly shouting out “merry Christmas” and doing ball and cup juggling tricks in the street between taking orders.  (That may all sound a bit too ‘jolly’ and trying too hard but it works!).

George used to work on the Anna Maria ferry from Corfu to Paxos about twenty-two years ago and also used to do some acrobatics, all before he had four stents put in.  My notes also have something about his aunt, Raki, who is 77 years old but I have no idea what I was meant to remember about her!

George, Elizabeth, Maria and Eleana managed to work in the August heat but still bring that extra bit to their day to make sure everyone left smiling.  Thanks.

Meanwhile, almost opposite, on the other side of the road, is Cafe Pyxida, one of the many large cafes that opens both on totemain street and the harbour front and working there, is Glikeria.  

Glikeria also brought that extra something to work with her.  Looking after my other half, she was pandering to his every need, checking what size and shape mug he would like his coffee in, offering him hot milk if he preferred, that I jokingly complained she would show me up.  She immediately gave me a hug and withdrew the offer of hot milk from himself!  

When I asked if I could take her photo for the blog, like so many beautiful people, she was worried about how she looked but she is a truly gorgeous, lovely, genuine person.  Thanks Glikeria. 

So thank you to everyone above and thumbs up for making all our (Nydri) lives that bit better.

Now you've read this far, do you want to say thank you to anyone?  Well this is the place to do it.

If you would like to write a post to thank someone or tell us something nice that happened just get in touch and we would love to hear from you and to spread the thanks.  You don't have to know how to do the formatting and stuff, we'll help you with all that.  We just need some words and preferably some nice smiley photos.  (don't forget to ask if you can take them).  

This blog is for you, somewhere for you to have your say.  Thanks. 

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