Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Five Days In Seattle & As Many Thank Yous

So five days in Seattle and lots of people to thank.

The first one isn’t connected with someone doing a job but to my fellow passenger, Amit, on the flight.  We arrived in Seattle from London which is a ten hour flight.  Add to that the time it takes to get to an airport, the time one spends at the airport and the time clearing customs and getting ones bags when one lands and as you can imagine, Amit and I were pretty tired.  I was visiting a elderly relative, he was coming home to his wife after almost two weeks’ business in the UK.  We agreed to share a cab in to the city.  It would drop him first and then I would take it on.

Once we were in the cab Amit said, no, we would both get out at his home and he would drive me.  Which is what he did.  So Amit, thank you and a thumbs up thumbs up  for being a true gentleman and kind to a stranger giving me a lift when I’m sure all you wanted to do was relax in your own home.

However, the real 'subject' of this post though, is Annie.  

view from The Summit
My relative has moved into a retirement community, The Summit at First Hill - (we’d call it an old age home in the UK but that would be so misleading as this is nothing like we have in the UK) - called the Summit and the first thing I was impressed with was the light airiness of the place and then I realised a lot of that was down to the fact that I didn’t see one depressed face the whole time I was there.  Not from the residents and not from the staff.  

Annie is from Connecticut but moved to Seattle eleven and a half years ago and has worked at the Summit over three years.  While I was talking to Annie, I was also talking to Natalie, another real smiler.


The staff all seemed genuinely to enjoy their work and connected on a personal level with the residents.

Annie, on the front desk epitomised this for me and from a photographic point of view she was perfect.  In addition to laughing all day while doing her job (efficiently to my eye ) she dresses for fun everyday.  Check out just some of the outfits while I was there.  Get those necklaces.

And, then on Friday I met Tech, she and Annie always wear matching outfits once a week.  A real hoot.     
Tech & Annie

So Annie and the staff at the Summit, a big thank you and thumbs up thumbs up for bringing your smiles to work.  Thank you. 

Someone I didn’t get a name for or a picture, (‘cause I wasn’t thinking), was a girl working at Frankie & Jo’s vegan ice-cream parlour on 15th (a recommendation of Amit’s above) frankieandjos.com.  The place was packed and she was on her own.  Not only did she not pause for a moment in serving everyone from offering a taste, to scooping the delicious ice-cream (I had the chocolate tahini) to ringing it up, but everyone got individual eye contact, a smile and a nice welcome as if she had all the time in the world.   So thank you to the person serving at Frankie & Jo’s on Tuesday, 19th June around 3:00 in the afternoon and a big thumbs up thumbs up for your smile.

Since this blog is also about the not so good I will also just mention the waiter at The Cheese Cake Factory who I actually didn’t tip; you were so rude to all five of us, no need.  You know who you were.... 

And lastly on leaving Seattle, to the guy driving the shuttle bus from the rental car place to the terminal, it was so busy and there were so many people there I didn’t get a chance to thank you properly in person or, obviously to get your name or picture for here, but thank you for your courtesy and smile.  Another thumbs up thumbs up to you.

A thumbs up rich trip.  Talking of thumbs up, I'm thinking of dropping the thumbs up emoticon/GIF.  Any thoughts on that readers?

So, do you have someone you would like to thank?  Do you want to promote the positive?  This is about 'bigging up' nice people and it's all about those guest posts so if you would like to send in a post to tell us something nice that happened or to say thank you to someone, just get in touch and we would have great pleasure in putting up your stories here.  We'll do all the formatting don't worry about knowing how to do stuff on the computer or anything like that, we just need your words and some nice smiley photos.  (Don't forget to ask for permission).  Thanks.

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