Thursday, 8 October 2015

A Personal and a Public One

I haven't written a post in far too long, partly as life events had taken my time and partly because no single incident had struck me as sufficient to warrant a post.  There was one really nice guy on the tube making commuters smile with his help but I didn't have time to get his name and/or picture.

However, in the last couple of weeks or so I have had reason to explain the whole idea of the blog to a couple of people, (if you're not familiar with it, rather than restate it all here, have a look at the first couple of posts from July 2013 - ) and it reminded me how much the looking out for everyday people doing something nice makes one more observant of the good around us, rather than just focusing on the bad, all the time, as we, or certainly I, am wont to do.

But then I also thought, it's my blog and I could go off page for once and rather than thank someone out there, I could use this to thank someone closer to home.

I don't want to go into too much personal detail, but just to say, in opening my eyes to what's going on again I was struck by the good deeds my husband regularly does for others. 
Circuit of Ireland with David Holmes
Daily Telegraph - 8th August 1977

So, rather than delving into our home pics, here are a couple of pictures of my derring-do man from some old newspapers and the web.

Marion-Bermuda race 2003 with David Holmes

For those who want the video relating to this newspaper clipping, you can see the 1,000 Lakes crash at youtube

So the first half of today's post is simply a thank you and thumbs up thumbs up to my bloke on this, the anniversary of our meeting in Paxos.

The second half of this post is however more about what I really wanted to do with this blog, thank people who are just doing their job but give that little bit extra that make your day.

This particular thank you is to Steve working at the ticket office at Cannon Street station.

I had booked some tickets via the Trainline but wanted to buy a new Network Rail Card.  The first thing Steve helped me with was to ask if I had an annual season ticket or had a friend with one as it would bring down the cost from £30.00 to £10.00 -
- I didn't have one but what a good saving tip.

Secondly he advised me that booking via a train companies own website, in this instance, Southeastern Trains, rather than Trainline, usually saved you money as there were less booking fees and often special offers available direct.  Another good tip.

But perhaps the tip I liked the best, was Steve told me where did the best coffee in the station!  Thank you, Steve, and a big thumbs up thumbs up.

I would just add, that I'd never used Cannon Street at the weekend before but was trying it rather than Charing Cross or London Bridge and I was so happy I did.  Look at this picture of "civilised" travel rather than the hoards the other main line stations.  So a thumbs up thumbs up to Cannon Street Station.

That's it for now but as always, if you would like to send in a post to tell us something nice that happened or to say thank you to someone, just get in touch and we would have great pleasure in putting up your stories here.  Thanks.

Circuit of Ireland photo courtesy of Joe McCabe from Flickr -JoeMcCabeFlickr 

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