Friday, 21 March 2014

Some Caribbean sunshine

On the island of Bequia in the Grenadine Islands it's hard to find anyone to write about for this blog... since everyone smiles at you and is so helpful but here are a few special thank yous; 
Amanda being shy


To Amanda, (who is very shy and said I could take her picture if I could catch her!), at Dawn's where we had a few lunches, and even a breakfast, thank you so much for helping us with those difficult questions like what to have today.  Thanks and a thumbs up thumbs up.
Amanda's lovely face
To Audrey, (who also said I could take her picture but she wouldn't pose for it!), who owns our favourite breakfast stop, Bee's on Lower Bay, and who, last year, when my ankle was broken, was especially kind and helpful to us. Thank you to you and Joan and a big thumbs up thumbs up.

the view from Bee's
Audrey at Bee's
To everyone who gave us lifts up those hills; Andre, Tootsie, Alexandra and all those whose names I neither got or have stupidly forgotten. You get especially big thumbs up as even though those hills should get easier each day, instead they seem to get harder and harder.

Also to Stefand (?) the water taxi guy, who helped us brilliantly getting a message to our lovely Italian friend on his boat, thank you and a thumbs up thumbs up.

But our best lift, because it was the least expected, came on our last night when four of us; me, the man and two friends from Denmark, (via Canada), were standing at the bus stop at the main junction between Lower Bay and Friendship.  Being four of us at night, we didn't even dream of hitching, we were too many, so we were either going to get the Dollar Bus or, if we saw a taxi, grab one.  Then, a jeep stopped, unbidden and out-stepped the culinary, mother Theresa of Bequia; Cheryl Johnson.

Cheryl doesn't just run the Fig Tree Restaurant in town and the (only) book shop, but she is the driving force of the Sunshine School a wonderful school for special needs children. 

So as well as giving Cheryl a big thumbs up thumbs up for picking us up that night, I also want to give her a special one for the work she does and, I'm going to ask you to donate to the school.  They always need new equipment and if you look at the wish list, you'll see you can send books, musical instruments and, of course, money.  Please look at the work they're doing and think of sending something along.

But back to Bequia smiles and thanks; now as a special treat, we went to Fernando's Hideaway, not once but three times this trip and each time was more lovely than the time before so to Fernando and his sisters, Lorna, Felicia, Barbara and Aggie (Agnile), an especially big thank you and thumbs up thumbs up
(some of) the sisters at Fernando's Hideaway
And last for Bequia for now, but definitely not least, to Jacqui who runs her organic shop down at Lower Bay, Nature Zone, for introducing me to various fruits over the years but especially prickly pears this year.  Yum, yum and a big thumbs up thumbs up.
To everyone in Bequia and the islands thank you and until we can return, stay well.

However, I have to add a little Barbados postscript; to the lady working for British Airways in Barbados giving out menthol towels to the people in the queue, thank you for your wicked sense of humour and for making us all laugh thumbs up.  

If there is someone you would like to tell us about or say thank you to, why don't you send us your post, (details below).

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