Wednesday, 22 January 2014


This is my local café – The Delish Deli & Kitchen.
I come here for a mocha – and sometimes lunch – every Tuesday. All the food is prepared daily on the premises, with great love and dedication, by the owner Claire Hopkins. Ingredients are locally sourced and every possible taste is catered for by the ever-changing variety of dishes.

That, on its own, would be enough to make Delish a unique and special place. 

However, having been hooked by their luscious heart-starter coffees, I began to chat
to Claire and her staff whenever I came in.

One day, I left a few Black Feathers bookmarks for customers to take away. Some
time later, Claire and I got chatting and it turned out that she, and many of the lovely people who work in the deli, are fans of dark fiction. Next thing I knew, they were reading my books.

As you can see, the ethos of the place puts everyone at ease and could hardly come
from a more respectable pen…
The combination of comfort and a peaceful atmosphere creates a space where writing is not only possible, but a joy. Suddenly feeling I was ‘at home’ in Delish, I began to take my work with me. I get a lot done there.

One day, Claire told me she’d finished Black Feathers and loved it.   “Thanks for improving the quality of my life,” she said.  And I was able to reply, hand on heart and with a smile:  “Thanks for improving mine!”

So, if you get a mysterious waft of something delicious next time you’re reading a
story of mine, it might be because I wrote it in Delish.

Thanks again, Claire!
(And from us here - a thumbs up thumbs up)
Left to right: Beth, Claire & Tom

This post was powered by a
Delish mocha.


Joseph D'Lacey writes Horror and Fantasy.
He is owned by two black cats and
enjoys vegetarian food.

Twitter @JosephDLacey

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