Tuesday, 3 December 2013

More North West London smiles (updated)

A few more North West London smiles and thanks;

My man and I were having dinner at the lovely West Hampstead eaterie the Wet Fish Cafe, (we've only just recently discovered their Monday night special price deal thewetfishcafe.co.uk), and we were waiting for a friend from San Francisco to join us.

Becasue of the Monday night deal, it gets very busy and we were holding up everything as our guest hadn't arrived, we were taking up space but not ordering.  Did we feel pressured?  Absolutely not.  Eventually, after a call to her hotel we found out she had fallen asleep and wouldn't be joining us.

So we started to order.  Now, the Wet Fish Cafe do something called Polenta Chips which are among the most divine foods imaginable but for a variety of reasons I hadn't been able to have these the last couple of times I ate there.  I was not to be thwarted this time.

Our lovely waitress, Feliz, who remembered us from the time before,  took our order but was dismayed to have to tell me that the table before had ordered the last portion of Polenta Chips as they had now run out of polenta.  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

I hide my emotions deep (not) and she could see I was upset so she said to leave it with her.  Now, I don't want to divulge any trade secrets but I know she spoke to the chef and whether they stole two chips from other portions or whether they had just enough left to make me two chips I don't know but what I do know is that Feliz turned up trumps and two Polenta Chips arrived with my duck.

Hip hip hooray and a thank you and a thumbs up to Feliz for that extra bit of service with a smile.

Meanwhile, in Argos at Swiss Cottage, the staff were going out of their way to be helpful.   In sharp contrast to Homebase before them where I had been left standing by not less than four members of staff who went away to find out something and never came back - sorry Homebase but you get a .  I was standing there for half an hour and finally walked out.

What a contrast in Argos where I went to look at the same product.   I got to the till and asked if I could view the item, (it's a fake Christmas tree).  Of course, no problem.  The tree came up and another smiley assistant showed it to me.  It was explained that this was a no return item.  Then the first lady remembered that Sandra had this particular one herself.

Well Sandra came out from behind the counter and could not have been more helpful explaining her personal use.  How good it was at holding baubles and lights. How well balanced it was.  How ot build it and how many years she has had it.

At the time of writing, I don't have the other ladies' names who helped me or indeed any of their photographs but to all three of you,  thank you and a thumbs up for that extra bit of service with a smile.  I hope to rectify the names and photographs before too long.

UPDATE - managed to get in to Argos when the right people were working so, here's a nice picture of both Sandra and Tina.  The third assistant wasnt there to ask her name or get her permission to use it but that doesnt stop me saying thanks and giving all of you a thumbs up   (by the way, Tina is laughing because another customer got in on the act and it was all rather jolly there, at Argos)

The next post will either be from New York if the smiles permit or will be another guest post, that is waiting in the wings.

Look forward to receiving your posts soon and, remember, promote the positive!

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